NS Apostolopoulos Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd

Our services incude placement of covers in local and or International insurance markets, Annual client servicing, accounting support and claims management. We coordinate contracts from all over the world for our clients and offer access to all the highest rated insurance companies and facilities; always keeping up to date with all the latest developments in the sector.


Aviation support industries, Air Ground handlers and their storage facilities, large to small airfields are catered for by our company as specialised products and are all viewed on a case-by-case basis where we offer complete tailor-made solutions.


We can advise on the risk management/assessment and offer liability covers that suit the respective aviation sector to assist our clients so that they are better covered by their insurances.


Aircraft Hull and Liabilities Covers

Hull insurance for aircraft (fixed wing or rotor wing) cover losses arising from the physical damage to that aircraft and its motor parts as a result of various perils, including war and terrorism when the aircraft is on the ground or in the air. When the aircraft is in use, Aircraft liability insurance covers it’s third party liabilities to limits set out by client, policy providers and the laws.


Aviation liability

These sort of Insurance policies cover a wide range of legal liabilities associated with the airport, airfield and other aviation operations, excluding aircraft operations.


Aviation Products Liability

Aviation products liability insurance is taken out to provide coverage for components and services used in aircraft or other aviation products or ground support services, handling companies including but not limited to refueling companies and catering services.


Aviation Cargo

Cargo insurance covers losses arising from the physical damage to cargo while it is in transit by air and for up to 60 days whilst in storage. We can provide full cargo coverage for the carrier’s liabilities and the goods in transit for all risks or limited total loss covers through Lloyd’s of London Insurance Syndicates with competitive premiums.


Aircraft Crew personal Accident Cover

Medical and accident Insurance cover in the event of a death or injury to a member of an aircraft’s crew can be provided through some of the most expert insurance providers in the International Insurance market. The assured is normally the aircraft owner or operator as is in most instances.


Insurance Covers that can be provided:


International airports
Regional and local airfields
Repairers & overhaulers
Air traffic control
Terminal buildings liability
Aviation suppliers
Ground handlers, refuellers & caterers
Airside liability
Airport contractors
Ferry flights
Commercial aircraft and fleets
Private aircraft inc. helicopters
Air taxis/charter and tourism services
Very light jets - Business aviation
Airfields and fixed base operators
Commercial rotor-wing aircraft and fleets
Balloons and airships (dirigibles)
Medical and rescue services
Gliding and soaring
Crop spraying (aerial applicators) and agriculture
Clubs and flying schools
Ground service providers
Refuellers and repairers
Component manufacturers
Aerospace manufacturers
Vintage aircraft and warbirds
Drones and remote aerial devices