Insurance Vetting Services & Consulting

NS Apostolopoulos Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd

For over 20 years we have been advising corporate and financial institutions about the insurance arrangements they must put in place for their projects and at the same time reviewing the insurance arrangements provided to them as assignees in a given financial 3rd party project.

We have been advising Greek and International Shipping Banks and Financial Institutions with regards to the assignments in their Marine Insurance covers that have been provided as security to the loans they have provided to the same clients. As no one can competently say they know everything in a given sector, as most of clients have seen, there are peculiarities in the Marine Insurance contracts that are unique to this industry. With this in mind we offer our clients with the piece of mind that we can provide them with the relevant insight and advice that can assist them in completing their own jobs in an orderly and professional manner.